BAIPL has following major lines of business:

1. System Integration: Business Automations fulfills the requirements of the customer by obtaining different technologies and products from various sources and do the integration to achieve the required goal and to meet the customer’s expectations.

2. Marketing: Through our well-established network, we market some of the world’s finest IT products including High end Servers, ERP Solution, VPNs, Networking, Notebooks, Home PCs etc. from world’s best companies like Hewlett Packard, Cisco, EPSON, American Power Corporation, D-Link, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, HCL etc.

3. Customer Services: We at BAIPL consider Customer Satisfaction as our one and only objective. To deliver better services we have invested heavily in service today we are authorised service providers for HP and EPSON. To provide quick response to customer calls, service centers have been set up at Indore and Bhopal. Both the service centers are well equipped and having latest communication facilities to provide easier and faster access.

4. Consultancy: BAIPL is providing consultancy assistance to its customers in assessing hardware, software and manpower requirements. Designing and implementing tailor made solutions to meet the Individual as well as Organizations’ objectives and growth plan.

5. Software Development Services: Development projects at BAIPL are usually undertaken on a turnkey basis for either onsite or offshore depending on client needs. Expertise is available on client server, Internet & open technologies. Quality is tightly governed by a rigorous methodology that encompasses the creation of a dedicated facility for clients.